Scraper & Compactor

OEM scraper replacement or custom design edges, integrated tooth edges, router bits, floor guides, blade and router supports, push bocks. Compactor feet, fabricated and cast cleaner bars, cleaner bar teeth and adapters.

Weld-on cast base, adapter, and replaceable J250 flare tooth assist in keeping the compactor drums free of excess dirt regardless of which way the drum is rolling. Flat cleaner bars are reversible for longer wear life.

Black Cat compactor feet are designed to give traction, penetration and compaction in soil or rock applications.

Drop center or stinger setup is standard for most scraper applications. It provides good penetration and efficient flow of material into the bowl.

Level cut setup is used in finishing applications or where very high impact leads to frequent stinger breakage.

Black Cat has a full offering of Scraper parts for all makes and models including: bolt-on edges, integrated tooth edges, bolt-on adapters, serrations, router bits, blade supports, router bits, auger flight covers, push blocks, tow hooks, and floor guides.

Scraper cutting edges are available in a number of configurations.

Standard router bits are recommended for most applications.

Heavy-duty router bits are similar to standard router bits but offer more wear material.

Level cut router bits are extended below the bolt holes and are used for clean-up work, reducing windrows by keeping more of the material in front of the cutting edges.

It is very common for CARM to be applied to all wear areas on a router bit. Weld-friendly versions are available to reduce cracking when carbide overlay is being installed by dealers or end users. Simply add a W to the end of the standard part numbers to receive your router bits unpainted and manufactured from this alternate chemistry.

Black Cat offers replacement blade and router bit supports for all makes and models of scrapers. Router bit supports are available in several options: full size, lower half, and bolt-hole replacements.