Black Cat Wear Parts operates two state-of-the-art Research and Development laboratories which facilitate continuous improvement in design and quality. This ensures we are always delivering the strongest, longest lasting products to our customers.


The Black Cat Design Lab is where products are taken from ideas on paper to tried-and-tested wear parts in the hands of our customers. We have the equipment in house to draft new products and improve on existing ones. Through the design phase we are constantly seeking ways to reliably deliver the trusted strength and fit of Black Cat Wear Parts. This is accomplished through the use of our innovative design software and equipment:

  • 3D Design Software to create, improve, and design all equipment.
  • Laser Scanner scans and reverse engineers any wear part to allow us to make improvements and fill any order.
  • 3D Printer gives us the ability to create accurate prototypes to check for inconsistencies and ensure fit before mass production.
  • CMM Part and Gauge Validation measures and inspects products allowing us to consistently deliver quality products.
  • FEA Analysis is a computerized method of simulating real-world conditions to determine weaknesses in design.


Black Cat’s metallurgical laboratory is fully equipped with advanced tools for testing steels, conducting failure analysis, and undertaking research and development to support the continuous improvement, production, and quality of our products.


Black Cat creates and develops a variety of patented solutions for the earth moving industry. Our designs offer a variety of innovative advantages including improved safety, longer wear life and superior performance. Our Revolution technology offers fully hamerless systems that save you time and keep everyone safe.