Black Cat Wear Parts Culture Statement

Universal Values:

Our culture is driven by the rewards of honesty, integrity, trust and high achievement with respect for each other, our assets and our environment. These values will not be compromised for profit.

Understanding and acceptance may occur for individuals who deviate from these beliefs, provided that they realign themselves to the values of the company.

It is our Quest to:

  • Be the best that we can be, as individuals and as a company.
  • Be the supplier of choice by offering the best quality and the best customer service while striving for the lowest production costs.
  • Be an employer of choice by providing a safe, harmonious, stimulating, team driven, entrepreneurial workplace where people have an opportunity to grow.
  • Meet or exceed our customers’ reasonable expectations.
  • Be a profitable, innovative, continually improving organization.

It is our Belief:

  • That fundamentally, everyone comes to work to do a good job.
  • That equally well informed, rational individuals rarely disagree.
  • In ownership of one’s job. Therefore, we believe those affected by a decision should have informed input into that decision.
  • It is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that people have the necessary resources at their disposal, to become well informed to make good decisions. It is the responsibility of leaders to be mentors by offering continuous feedback, recognition and realignment.
  • That the success of our business depends on win/win partnerships with our customers, our employees and our suppliers. Should a relationship become strained or need to be severed, our partners must be aware of the situation. It should not come as a surprise.